Mistakes that you’re making in social networking websites like facebook & twitter

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With facebook rapidly growing company, the social media is not new thing for marketers but there are still few people out there making some mistake in their social marketing.

To make sure that your social marketing is unique and effective, Please checkout some steps below

#Not designing your social networking profile

With social networking websites like facebook, twitter or google+ there are more possibilities to customize your profile so don’t miss to discern your company.

#Talking every time about yourself

Social Networking websites isn’t only for your business… Continue reading…

Choosing the right domain name for your website

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When choosing a domain name for your website be very careful to choose the one that fits your business and in the
future you shouldn’t need to change the name or you will lose potential SEO rankings and visitors to your website.
When you are choosing a domain name for your website consider the following steps:

What is your online sight?

With many domain name extensions to choose from, which one should you choose for your future website?
Consider your target for example: Brain Scarpino want to run a personal blog so the .me extension will be
very good choice for him (brainscarpino.me).
For Europe based business you should choose .eu and for UK based busniess .co.uk, But i will suggest you to go for .com, it works for any kind of webistes and will be easy to remember… Continue reading…

Website Serviceability Testing


Your website may be nice, but will it return your first time visitors to lifetime customers?
If you don’t know that your website is playing good or not? so please checkout these prosody.

accessibility of your website

You may think that this is a great place to test your website whether the visitors can access your website or not
so please answer the following inquiries… Continue reading…

Should you take your small business online?


If you are the owner of a small business, making a website will be very important for you. If you got dozens of tasks on your mind why  should waste your time on making a website? well basically the website is more important from all your ideas on your mind. Research shows that over 80% of customers first search online and then make a deal, so if you are not online then you will lose many potential customers.

Website creation for your business is very easy and affordable at this time, in the past it needed knowledge and a high budget… Continue reading…

What is web hosting?


Web hosting is a service that enables people to publish their content through a website. Web hosting business will provide all the technologies needed for. They will provide you with a domain name(web address), hosting package which will store your data on computers also called servers and lots of other features… Continue reading…